Get a FREE WEBSITE when you host with us.

Pricing and Packages

We’re pretty excited about offering a FREE website and offer pretty good prices too. Check out your options below. 

Hosting and Maintenance Packages

Our hosting and maintenance packages are designed to give you freedom, security, and everything else you need. Our clients love the free website package because after that 24-months they drop down to just maintenance at $90.00 a month.  You don’t just get a free website, but the security every website needs. 

Basic $90/month
Plus $250/month
FREE WEBSITE $300/month
Weekly Back-Ups
Weekly Plugin Updates
Security Checks/Fixes
Theme Updates
1 hour of Website Edits a Month
SEO Plugins
On-Page SEO
Keyword Research
Schema Mark-Up
Free Website
Up to 15 Website Pages
Up to 10,750 Words of Content
Personal Design Expert
Slack Channel Access
Add-Ons Discount
No Commitment
No Commitment
24-Month Commitment
One Time Set-Up Fee

Add-On Options

  • GMB Set Up $650

    We will optimize and set up your Google My Business Page. *Client MUST provide address.

  • Additional Service/Website Page $250

    When you need more than 5 pages for your website, this option is perfect.

  • Additional Location Page $450

    If you have more than one location for your business, we can add a page per location.

  • On-Page SEO $550

    We will perform on-page SEO for 5 website pages on any website.

  • Business Citations $250

    List your businesses website to be found in multiple online places.

  • Business Blog $130

    Blogs certainly help your websites SEO. This is perfect if you are in a competitive market and need more "umph" or if you need something for email marketing. 650 words.

Included with your free website

Have we lost our marbles? Are we really offering a FREE website? Well, we can’t really confirm nor deny the marble thing, but we sure can confirm that we’re offering a FREE website with our most popular hosting and maintenance package. And we’re not talking about a free wesbite through website building platform but custom, WordPress websites.  Here’s some information about our FREE websites: 


While we do have templates options, your website will be your own, and custom to your needs. 

After the 24-month commitment is over, the website belongs to you. You can take it, the files, and the domain and do whatever you want. Or you can even drop down to the $90 month package for hosting and maintenance. Most of our clients like to drop to the $90.00 package so the website stays maintained and secure. 

Yes! We will ask you for websites you like, and in our 30-minute onboarding call we will talk about what you want. After the thirty minute call you will have full access to our Slack channel to request changes, edits, or additions.

There are MANY website features, too many to cover on a website page. Depending on the feature and the plugin(s) required- it could be free or come with an additional cost.  We will discuss all these things as we go through the building and design process. 

No. Although we know how, these are not included in the free offer. And, to be blunt, we don’t enjoy them. If you do need an e-commerce website we are happy to point you in the right direction.

We do not put a number on edits and revisions. This does not mean, however, they are unlimited. Creating a website is a collabortive experience that takes the best effort of both parties. We are happy to work hard until you have the website you want. However, if we notice we’re spinning in circles and you change your mind on the same thing over and over, we are likely to move on and finish the site up.

Not even a little. We’re a small company, right here in the USA. Beth, who will be your account manager, lives in Oregon with her husband and sons. And she’s it. We only do a certain amount of new website builds at a time so she can fully focus on you, and your website goals. 

Depends on where the website is built. If it’s in WordPress, yes. If it’s somewhere like Weebly or Squarespace we will request you move it to WordPress. We do not work in anything but WordPress.