How it All Works Works

Wondering how this free website thing works? Worry not speedracer! We'll tell ya.

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Why Offer Free Custom Websites?

Well, Why Not?

We offer free custom websites because we love our clients, and we love what we do. Over the past five years, we have gone above and beyond for our hosting clients- to include website edits if it prevented their site from crashing.

What we found was the work it took to bring their websites up to good standing for the best functionality and security often required a brand new website. Many websites were built with child themes, purchased templates with outdated plugins, or previously built with website builders like Weebly or the like. 

So it was more cost-effective for not just us, but our clients, to start over with a custom WordPress website. 

And instead of charging our clients on very tight budgets, we just started doing it for free. And guess what? It was such a hit we decided to go public with it. 

How It Works

It's Easy Peasy!

1. Place Your Order

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email with a link to schedule a call with Beth, and a form to fill out about what you want. 

2. Meet with Beth

It’s time to meet and talk about your goals for your website. Together you will go over the form and Beth will get a a better understanding of what you’re wanting. (That’s not really Beth in that picture, but you get idea. She’s camera shy)

3. Mock-Up

After you and Beth meet, Beth will build a mock-up of the homepage. When she’s done, she will send it to you for review so you can make improvements as needed. It takes 2 weeks to build the mock-up 

4. Edits

After you go over the homepage mock-up, Beth will make any changes needed and send the draft to you for review. You will repeat this process until you’re happy.

5. Build Baby Build

Once the homepage mock-up is finalized, Beth will begin building out the entire website. All pages, and of course the homepage. This can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. 


When the entire website is completed, Beth will send it to you for review. You and Beth will go over edits and more reviews until it’s just perfect.