Course Tag: On-Page SEO

Good Keywords/Bad Keywords

In this robust lesson, you’re going to learn first hand why it’s BAD ADVICE to ONLY look at a keywords search volume. If you’re receiving this advice or if you’re only looking at a keywords search volume, then you’re missing the entire point of keyword research. We’ll teach you how to tell a keyword is …

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SEO for Bloggers | Mini Course

SEO for Bloggers By taking this course! If you’re a blogger and wondering how can you improve your keyword search results, then you  need to take this SEO for bloggers course. Instead of telling you to JUST look at search volume (worst advice out there) we will teach you how to look at all the …

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SEO for Bloggers | Premium

In this packaged course we’ll teach you how to do SEO for bloggers. SEO for bloggers is a very different ballgame than SEO for local businesses. In this packaged course, you will learn WHY it’s different, and how to do the proper SEO for your blog.